My husband’s family is a riot!

FULL of goobers and goofballs!

And I love every single one of them!!!

Every year we go to a big creek bed where the kids and big kids can all play in the water for the day.  It’s the Dad’s fun time.

Punkie’s first time in the water.  She loved it.

Our cutie nephew, Tate, loved it too.  He also loved to eat the rocks!

Beer cans make great make-shift pots.

Yep, that’s a crawdad.

Grady and his brother Kyle had the grand idea to cook him and eat him.

A little muddy tasting was the final verdict.

These are AWESOME!  I’ll have to share the recipe.

He cracks his Daddy and I up!  He’s scared of microscopic bugs, but LOVES tadpoles and the likes.

And then the real fun began.

Yes, that’s my father-in-law going down a steep embankment.

Yes, that would be him SLIDING down the embankment!

The big kids floated down the creek on tubes and found this great place to make a natural clay mud slide.

They had SO much fun!

THIS is exactly why I love this family so much!!! 

HUGE GOOBERS!!!!  My husband included…

This is what it’s like with these guys all the time!

I love it!

And then the above goober’s daughter decided to go down.

She came back up looking like this…

She’s a rock star!!!

And then everyone started to look a little like this…

It was hot.

The kids were getting tired and worn out.

Needless to say, EVERYONE slept well that night.

Well…at least until the storms came through.

…to be continued.

Peace, love and mud slides.


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