Hiding Under The Covers

…so last weekend was so much fun…

During daylight hours.

Thursday night… HUGE storm.

Friday night… GINORMOUS storm!

Saturday night… YET. ANOTHER. STORM!!!!!

I’m fully aware of the fact that the midwest IS going to get hit by some serious storms during the spring and summer months, but the wrath that we had dealt to us over those three days was insane!

Grady sleeps like a hibernating bear.  There’s no other way to describe it.  The kids and I could be chopped into itty-bitty little pieces by Freddy Kruger and he’d never know anything happened until the next morning.

Thursday night…

The wind blew so VIOLENTLY in the middle of the night that HE sat straight up in bed.  We both wondered if we should gather the kids and go to the basement.  We could hear all sorts of things rolling around outside.

We stuck it out and woke up to minimal damage outside.  A few big limbs down from the trees.

We were fine.

Friday night…

I stayed up late trying to get things gathered and ready for our family day the next morning.  About 10 pm the lightning started to crack and the thunder rolled.  I knew it was coming again.

At 10:30 the power went out.

It’s AMAZING just how quiet your house is when there’s NOTHING running.

That scrawny grizzly bear sleeping next to me was snoring like no other and then Cade came down to sleep on the couch because his room was so hot.

I couldn’t sleep because all the commotion between the two of them AND the ferocious wind again. (Which Grady slept right through.)

The next morning all looked fine outside again until we went to town.

TONS of trees down EVERYWHERE!

What I didn’t get pictures of were the 30 train cars that blew off the track in a rural area of the county, or the 3 semis and RV blown off the road.

They estimated 80 mph winds that did all of this damage.

We’re an incredibly lucky community that this was all the damage we incurred.

No one was hurt.

Praise Jesus!

Some of our folks didn’t get their power back on for about 24 hours.  We were lucky and were only out for about 12.

Saturday night…

Another one blew in, but we kept our power and the wind wasn’t nearly as fierce.

I LOVE storms, but I’m ready for a little break.

Peace, love and wicked witches of the west.


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