What’s My Surprise?

We’ve never taken Tucker to the movies.  He’s been several times with his grandparents, but not with us.  Cars was his FAVORITE movie.  He has toys, rugs, movies… He LOVES this movie.

So, when I found out that Cars 2 would be coming out on the 24th I knew we needed to make it a point to take him.

Grady picked him up and told him that we had a surprise for him.  He kept thinking it was a gift of some sort.  We loaded up in the car and headed to town.

First stop.

Mc Donalds!  His FAVORITE place to eat.

I told him to make a silly face.  I would consider this more scary than silly.

He loved the first surprise.  Then it was time to load up and head to the theatre.  He still had no idea what we were doing.  We walked in at the theatre end and he never figured it out.  I told him to stand next to a bubble gum machine that was conveniently right next to this sign.

He still didn’t figure it out.

We had some time to kill and he had some money in his pocket.

Not my choice of where to dump my money, but Tuck is obsessed with these.

I rest my case.

But then… Tucker put money in himself and it WORKED!!!!!

We couldn’t believe it!  What luck!

We headed back to the theatre area and I told him that his surprise required popcorn. 

He didn’t get it until the lady at the counter asked him what movie he was going to see.  Then he knew EXACTLY what we were going to see.  He’d been seeing the previews for weeks.

I’d say it was a good surprise. 🙂

We ended the evening with a trip to DQ at Daddy’s request.  Sprinkles are a must for this kiddo.

What a great night!  I love doing stuff like this.  The sheer happiness plastered all over his face was so worth it.



Peace, love and sweet surprises!

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