Sista! Sista!


It’s my beautiful, baby sister’s birthday today!!!

Birthday’s are a big deal for us siblings. A birthday is the ONE day of the year that should be THE most important day to everyone around you.  It’s the day God gave us to the world, for Heaven’s sake!!!  🙂


I am so very proud of her!!!  She’s worked her hiney off to get where she has in life.  She married a rock star for a husband and she’s the mommy to 2 VERY spoiled pooches.  We’re hoping she’ll be a mommy to more than just puppies sometime in the near future.  (wink! wink!) 

(…I can’t help it if I want to be an Auntie and I know that Cade, Tucker and Ella are tired of being the Lonely Onlies in the family.  LOL!)

Oh, yes, this post isn’t about me…  back on track.

My very first memory as a child was the day Margo was born.  At three years old I sat (probably not) in the waiting room of the little hospital with Aunt Mona waiting for someone to come tell me if I had a brother or sister.  It’s a very choppy memory, but I do recall that it felt like an eternity!  Coincidentaly, my next memory was a few months later in the winter of 1979 suffering from a very bad case of chicken pox along side Little Sis.  (My poor, poor parents!)

Margo and I are sisters to the heart of it.  We fight hard and love harder.  We know just how to tick off the other one and exactly which buttons to push, but don’t mess with my sis because I’ll kick you in the shins! 

More importantly she’s the first person I call when I need a shoulder to cry on or a good laugh.  She knows just what to say, even if it’s not really what I want to hear.

She’s my lifetime BFF!

I love you and I hope you’re having an AMAZING birthday! 



Peace, love and ????? candles!




3 thoughts on “Sista! Sista!

  1. Thanks Lish! You are such a great sister! I love you so much and am thankful every day that I have the relationship we have! 😉 Thank you for this post! You make me cry! xoxoxo!

  2. Made me cry too, what a beautiful tribute to your baby sis. What would we do without them in our lives. Happy Birthday Margo.

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