Project Posey

I’m kind of known for wearing simple clothing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like to be cute and dolled up, but I’ve always lived in fear of the wild prints and crazy designs that seem to be popular these days.  I suppose it kind of stems back to my limited funds for a fun, funky, full wardrobe.  I tend to buy things that will go with everything so that means solid colors, simple pieces that are versatile.

Well, I’m trying to get away from this rut.  I love bright, cute, girly clothes.  I don’t like the price, but I’m TRYING to get past that and buy some cute essential pieces that are still really versatile.

While perusing the internet a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the most ADORABLE homemade adorned tank. 

“I can do that!”, I told myself.

“I’m GOING to do that!”, I proclaimed.

So, I dug in my fabric bin, found cute buttons and got busy.

This is what I made.


Isn’t it STINKIN’ CUTE!!!!!

I’m so in love with it!  It’s pretty and feminine without going overboard.  Plus, it was made with fabric that I love and had already picked out.

Now, I can’t wait to make even more stuff!!!

I’m hooked!

I showed my girlfriend the online site and she came up with these…

Absolutely ADORABLE headbands and hair accessories!!!

She has SO many different color combinations and precious ideas.

If you’re interested in purchasing one leave me a message and I’ll get you hooked up with her.


Peace, love and poseys!


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