The Bearded Lady

We all change as we age.  It’s a fact of life.

Our skin changes.

Our hair changes.

Our muscle tone (or lack thereof) changes.

Our vision changes.

You get my drift.  Sh*# happens.

Sometimes the changes are instantaneous.  We know something is different immediately and other times the changes are so gradual that we don’t notice until one day when we look in the mirror and GASP and then SCREAM, “When the hell did THAT happen?!”

Yes, folks, I had such an experience this week.

(Big sigh….)

One day, earlier this week, as I was tidying up in the bathroom, straightening out the mess of hair on my head and checking for foreign “bonuses” in my teeth I noticed it.  It was the faint darkening above my upper lip.  I did a double take.  I moved my head in all sorts of cock-eyed positions trying to see if it was just the crappy bathroom lighting.  “I SWEAR that was NOT there this morning when I was applying my make-up”, I told myself.

There was no denying it.  The stache had made its presence.  My heart sank.  I was mortified!  How long had I been walking around with this on my face and NO ONE said anything!?!  All I wanted to do was go home and fix it.

This is exactly what I felt like…

I’ve known plenty of women who’ve dealt with this.  I have good friends who are my age that wax their lip.  No big dealt.  Right?  I just never thought it’d be ME.  I remembered a teacher I had in high school.  She was BEAUTIFUL, but she had the THICKEST amount of hair on her upper lip as I had ever seen.  I remember the boys making fun of her.  I don’t want to be THAT girl

As I got in my car I checked in my visor mirror.  Maybe it WAS that bathroom lighting.

Nope.  Still there.

(Big sigh…)

When I walked in the house that evening I got the kids settled and promptly began plucking EVERY imaginable hair from my upper lip region.

I’m not going down in this fight without putting up some serious dukes!



Peace, love and peach fuzz.


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