The Lessons

Grady and I feel like we were incredibly lucky kids.  We were both raised on ranches and were able to learn hands-on, the ins and outs of the cowboy way of life.

Unfortunately, it just isn’t that easy these days.  With the world becoming “sue happy” many insurance companies won’t allow ranching operations to bring their kids along unless they live ON the premises.  This makes it hard for guys like my husband to pass down his “trade” to his kids like our fathers were able to.

Grady and I still feel very strongly that teaching our kids this way of life is incredibly important.  We want them to have the same opportunity to keep this tradition as we were, if they’re interested.  And Tucker is VERY interested.

With that said, a few weeks ago Grady brought home his trusty stede, Wimpy, from the ranch.  Tucker ALWAYS wants to ride.  He’s ALWAYS begging Daddy for rides when we’re at rodeos.  So, when Wimpy was home Grady gave Tucker every possible chance he could to do some learning.

He saddled him up with our old kiddo saddle and threw Tucker on top.

Grady wanted to simply lead Tucker around, but I knew that wasn’t going to get anything accomplished  I’m usually the overly cautious parent, but I knew that the only way Tucker was going to learn was if he just took the reins and went with it.  So, I told Grady to tie the lead rope into a rein and hand it over.  He looked at me like I was nuts and after I explained myself he agreed.

So off he went.


He learned to turn in both directions and back up. 

He LOVES to turn him in circles.

So exciting…

BIG things for little boys.

And then it was Punkie’s turn.


She LOVES to ride.

No fear.

Her days of lessons are coming soon enough.



Peace, love and pony rides.


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