Grady took the boys on a fishing excursion with some friends and family Saturday.  That meant that Punkie and I had the day to ourselves.

Ahhhh…what a nice treat to have some much-needed time with my girl and some even more needed quiet time for myself.

We had high ambitions of going to the local farmers market, but when we got to town they were already gone.


We ventured to the Walmarts and got our goods there instead.  I splurged and bought the cheese and basil for this.

Thanks to my good friend, Michele,I’m so ridiculously addicted to Caprese salad.  She just got back from a European trip a month ago and hasn’t stopped talking about this salad.  She made it for work and I haven’t been able to get the darned thing out of my head since.  It just SCREAMS summer to me.


I decided to throw everyone for a curve and wear my hair straight.

Grady and Cade, BOTH, asked me if I had gotten my hair cut…

The ONLY time I wear it straight these days is if I’ve been to the salon.

It’s just too time consuming to do.  I’m all about the quick fix.


I’ve been reading this.

I have a date with my girlfriends to see the movie in a couple of weeks and I REALLY want to read the book first.

So far, so good.  I’m actually reading IT instead of the blogs I’m totally addicted to.


We went some friend’s house for supper and I made a RIDICULOUS amount of guacamole, salsa and cream cheese jalapenos.  I’ll be eating guac for the majority of the week.

I know….sad story, huh?!


I enroll Tucker for school today.  I can’t believe it’s almost here.  I’m SO excited for him.  I know the first day will be overwhelming for me, but will be SO amazing for him. 

It’s definitely time for the boys to get back into a regular groove and routine.  Too much time off means boredom, which then leads to grumpiness. 

Fortunately, football starts today for Cade.  He loves it.  He’s a sports freak like his father.  That means I’ll be posting football pics soon.


the weather is FINALLY going to start cooling off.




Peace, love and randomness.


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