I’ve had some stress in my life recently.  Work is INSANE.  Lots of changes.  More work on my desk.  Bigger accounts.  More responsiblity.

I love my job.

As much as I love what I do, it gets to me.  It gives me headaches and heartburn.

Home life is just as busy. 

Ella requires a lot as all babies do.  Tucker is starting school.  Cade has a full load with school starting and a very active sports schedule.  Lots of pickups, drop offs and here and there busy-ness.

Add on top of that the projects I’m trying to make time for, the book I can’t seem to put down and the endless amounts of laundry piled up on my couch waiting to be folded and I’m a HUGE stress ball.

Life in general is just NUTTY.

I go to bed wondering what the next day will bring and wake up wondering the same thing.  This morning was no different.

And then, I dropped the kids off at daycare and made my way to work.  That’s when I saw the rainbow.

I’m not sure what it is about a rainbow.  The world can be a complete disaster, but the minute I see that amazing arc of color and beauty everything seems fine.  The world is calm, my heart is at peace, my mind at ease.  There’s just something about them that reassures me that as much as I think my life is winding up and getting ready to spiral off into crazy havoc the good Lord’s got it all under control.  He’s got my back.

I just need to take a minute and breathe, settle my thoughts and turn it all over to Him.

That rainbow was EXACTLY what I needed this morning.

Peace, love and promises.


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