This Is Getting Ridiculous!

I need some help.


I’m so addicted to blogs!  It’s becoming a problem.

Here’s the problem…  I have about 3 or 4 that I regularly follow, but then THEY put links to THEIR favorite blogs and I HAVE to check them out.  And then….  I’m hooked.

Here’s my new discovery

 This girl is A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!!

Not to mention she makes the stinkin’ cutest stuff!!!

Image of modern pearl rosette statement necklace {fucshia}

I want one of these in EVERY color!  Aren’t they precious!?!?

Her style is what I would love to strive toward.  Fun, funky and yet simple.

Moreover…I REALLY want to learn how to make those awesome little rosettes.  They’re just beautiful.

If you’re up to checking out a new blog.  Go see this gal.  She’s pretty cute and has some remarkable merchandise.



Peace, love and little roses.


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