7 Months

I’m a few days late, but our little cutie is 7 months old.

Seven months old.


She’s such a big girl.

She’s just growing so stinkin’ fast we can’t keep up.

See that red spot on her foot?

That’s carpet burn from CRAWLING so much.

It started with just a little scooting here and there, pushing herself with that foot.

Now, she’s UNDER foot at all times.

She doesn’t take to kindly to being left in a room by herself.  It can result in something like this.

This is her version of a tantrum, which it actually pretty humorous.  A few pathetic boo-hoos and an occasional look to see if anyone’s watching.  I have to just giggle and urge her to come on in wherever the rest of us are.

Ella has become EXTREMELY vocal in the last month.  She’s always telling us what’s on her mind.  Sadly, she comes by this honestly.

Mommy got the pots and pans out the other day.  I think she died and went to heaven.

Bang.  Bang.  BANG!!!!

Anything to make noise.

Punkie’s next feat….pulling herself up.  She got the crawling down to a T and had to immediately start something new.

She’s getting there, slowly, but surely.

Her absolute favorite person is still Tucker.  She lights up the minute he comes into a room.  He could run from one room to another and she’d follow.  (It’s actually been done and is quite comical.)

She’s a local celebrity.  Whenever we go to the grocery store all the employees flock to her.  She loves the attention and I love that SHE’S so loved.

She’s got her daddy wrapped around her little finger.  She’s mommy’s favorite little girl and Big Brother’s partner in crime.  Life just wouldn’t be complete without her.  I thank God everyday for the blessing he gave us 7 months ago.



Peace, love and jibber-jabber!


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