He Never Asked My Permission

It’s official.

This blue-eyed, fair haired little boy left the nest, MY nest, this morning to join the world of the big kids as a kindergartener.

He didn’t ask me if he could grow up.

He didn’t ask me if I would be okay if he left me to go to school.

He just did it.  He went right on ahead and grew up without so much as a “Hey, Mom, you gonna be okay with this?”

It just happened.

We’re tight, this little boy and I are.

There’s a bond between us like none other.  He’s my love, my laughter, my heart. 

We talk about everything.

But, we didn’t talk about this…

This big space in my heart where once a tiny little boy resided and where now a big kid, with big words and big ideas now calls home.

It’s foreign to have this resident in his place, but I know that this new kid will bring even more joy, laughter, strength and wisdom than the previous smaller occupant. 

I think somewhere deep down inside those tiny little hands and that tiny little voice will always find their way to the forefront of my mind.

I suppose I’ll grant him permission to get a little bigger this once.  Just so long as he promises to not do it too fast.

Peace, love and a little heartache.

P.S.  I’ll share his first day with pictures tomorrow.  🙂


4 thoughts on “He Never Asked My Permission

  1. The coolest thing about little boys and their mamas is that God gave Mamas special places in their hearts that keeps little boys little,even when they are grown men.

    • Amen to Mom’s reply. How beautifully you share your thoughts, heart and soul and thanks for sharing this with all. God Bless ~~

  2. I hope Tucker’s first day was a good one. I know your heartache…only mine is getting a wee bit bigger. Brigg turns 16 in October, gets his driver’s license in November, and leaves the house in only 3 very short years. Sigh
    And not only that, there is a girl that just might be getting a piece of his heart. A heart that up until now, only belonged to his Momma! Time to let go, I suppose. Afterall, that is my job… prepare him for life, so that he can live it on his own, wisely.

    I LOVE your blog!! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your life/heart.
    Love you!

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