He was READY.

He kept asking me if it was time to leave.

He was just a little excited.

“Come ON, Mom!”

“Give me just a minute, Tuck!  Just one more picture.”

“Bye, Mom….”

“Okay, okay, I’m coming.  Do you REALLY have to start school?  Maybe we could just go home and hang out today.”

“Seriously, Mom, I’m DONE taking pictures!  People are watching.  You’re embarrassing me!”

“I’m sorry, son.  I have to document this.”

…and then I was no longer needed.

He had a wonderful day.  He got to see old friends and make new ones.  He got to play freeze tag in gym class.  He ate with a new little boy at lunch.  He walked home with friends.

Life is GOOD for this little guy.

It was a tough day on this momma though.  He might as well have turned 18, moved out and married his dream girl for the heartache I was feeling.  But…I hung in there and smiled through it. 

Today is a much better day.



Peace, love and big steps!


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