The New Norm

Three days into school and we’re working on getting into a new groove.

It’s proving to be a challenge.

The new busy school day is wiping this big boy out. 

Makes it hard to get him out of bed in a good mood.

Implementing a firm bedtime of 8:30 is tough when it’s still light outside and he’s still excited about the new day full of new adventures.

Add to that an extremely active little sis who is going through a growth spurt and teething, a momma who’s office is dealing with going live on new software that has lots of kinks and a daddy who is still putting in long summer hours at the ranch and it makes for a mix of worn out grumps who just want to fill their bellies and snuggle.  Never mind the dishes, laundry, bathes and pets to tend to.

We’re all adjusting.  We’re getting there.  Today is a little better than yesterday.

I think we’ll be good by Tuesday.

That’s my plan at least.  (Thank goodness for a long weekend!)

Peace, love and tired eyes.


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