Just What The Doctor Ordered

If you couldn’t tell from some of my earlier posts, life has been a little on the INSANE side lately.

Just flat out nutty.

The long, holiday weekend was exactly what I needed.

From the second I sat down to relax on my in-laws porch Friday night all my stress lifted.  I was the most relaxed, I’d been in months. 

The best part…  it lasted all weekend.

The weather was SPECTACULAR!  The kids got to play outside.  Grady took the boys hunting and I got to catch up on stuff at home.

I picked some of the wild sunflowers that are popping up all over Kansas right now.  I LOVE these!!

I got all of Ella’s old clothes sorted and put away.

Tucker worked on a few art projects.  I love his finger painting.  Some of it as such an artistic flare to it.  I really need to frame a few of them.

This little monkey kept me going all weekend.  She’s EVERYWHERE!  And EVERYTHING goes into her mouth.  Yesterday alone, I pulled multiple amounts of fuzz and paper from her mouth.  Aside from this little “issue” she’s SO MUCH fun right now! 

On a side not NOT related to my fantastic weekend:   THIS morning…I pulled a dead wasp out of her mouth that she manage to dig out of the sliding glass door frame while I was trying to get things loaded up and out the door.  REALLY!  A WASP!  I am SO ready for this phase to be over.

I made a TON of really great food.  I do have a new and simple recipe to share with you which I promised I’d have today, but I forgot to upload the photo.  Tomorrow, I promise.

I feel like a brand new person.  I am SO very thankful for the extra day off.  I certainly needed it!

Thank you, Labor Day.


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