Book worm

My little guy is a total book worm.

He comes by it honestly.  I LOVE to read.  I always have. 

(I guess that would be par for the course since I love to write.)

He has a shelf in his room completely LOADED with books that we’ve gotten from here and there.  On a recent trip to Nana and Papa’s house we got a few more.  My siblings and I did the “sort through”.  We went through all of our books we had as children and divied them up between us.  I tried to let Tucker pick some that he thought he’d like along with some of my old faves.

This is only a handful, but we’ve gotten through most of them so far.  I’m trying a new tradition of having one story each night before bedtime.  It helps to ensure his necessary “snuggles” and gives us both some time to unwind.

He lives for it and I love to read to him.  I have to admit that I get REALLY into the voices and characters.  I try to make the story come to life like my Grandma Phyllis used to. (She was the BEST story teller!) 

Thanks, Grandma, for giving me that trait!  You’re spirit will live on in our story time.

Peace, love and worm food.


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