The Sheep Ridin’ Chicken Chaser

Do you remember this from a year ago?

I, shamefully, admitted that I was solely to blame for my son’s inability to adequately ride his sheep.

Well, this year was MUCH better!  Saturday was the 2nd annual Bull Blowout in our town and it always starts with the kiddos doing the Muttin’ Bustin’. 

Tucker takes this VERY seriously.


Oh, CRAP!  Hold on, Buddy!!!




…he’s up!

1.7 second ride.

…with a smile on his face.

Proud, proud, proud Papa!

“Did I win, Dad?”

Unfortunately, not, but you would have thought he won the world.

We watched a little of this…

…which is always exciting.  There were a few accidents.  One that was REALLY nasty, but turned out with a happy ending.

And then it was time for some chicken chasing!!!

The kids had to warm up with the clown first. 

Do a little rolling in the dirt. 

Make a few momma’s nervous for the next load of laundry.

…and GO!!!!!


Five chickens were let loose.  The first kids to catch them won.  Simple as that.

Trying to keep up with him through my lens was like trying to find Waldo.


It was a fun, fun night for all.  There was one exhausted little boy who had sweet dreams of sheep riding and chicken chasing.



Peace, love and rough ridin’.


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