Football is here! 

I’m REALLY behind on posting these pictures but I do have a legitimate excuse…

I took SO many pictures of Cade’s first football game that I had to have Grady sit down with me and decipher what was a “worthwhile” photo to share.

I really do like football, but I just don’t know enough about to say, “Hey that was a KILLER play!!!!”


I know the basics which is enough for me to get all excited about it and cheer at the appropriate times.

So, with Grady’s help I was able to figure out which ones were worth passing along.

That’s Cade, #80.




I wish my camera would have focused on the players at the front rather than the coach behind.  If you look closely you can see the eyes of the player in white.  Love it!

Cade plays again tonight.  Grady and Tucker have a special date to go watch.

Ella and I will stay home where it’s much warmer and not so windy.  It’s pretty chilly here today, unlike the day I took the photos… 109°!

Good luck kids!!!


Peace, love and pig skins.


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