Eight Months

Where did my sweet little sleeping angel go?

Now we have a laughing, bouncing, wild little girl!


She’s changed SO much in the last month.

Her biggest accomplishment…


Can you see them?

She’s into eating big girl food.

….mmmmm grilled cheese.

And she’s into eating everything else too.

Her hair is getting a little wild.  CURLS EVERYWHERE!!!

Lately, though…

This is what my pictures of her look like.


And she’s FAST.

Not to mention, the minute she’s Mommy’s camera she comes at full speed.

I know the changes are going to keep steam rolling us.

I’m anxiously waiting for her to say “Ma Ma Ma Ma”.  Sweet sounds.  Sadly, I have to admit that she’s “starting” to say Da Da…   Make’s her daddy’s heart shine, though.

Peace, love and lightning speed!


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