Last Saturday the kids and I went back to my home town to visit my parents and also do some photos for my mother while Grady was at a rodeo. 

Late in the afernoon we travelled around the area and hit some pretty interesting spots.

We drive by this old swather every time we visit.  Since it was a leisurely day I stopped and took pictures before we got to their house.

 This crew was across the road checking out all the commotion over an old broken down piece of junk.

This is the view just as we head down the hill to travel the last mile to their house.  The pasture on the left is our family’s grass.  I’ve always loved this view and this picture certainly doesn’t do it any justice.

This old house/schoolhouse is only a mile or so from the house I grew up in.  I’ve gone by it a thousand times.  I’m so glad we decided to stop here.  I love this picture.

It was a fun afternoon.  I got to see a lot of places that I hadn’t seen since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

Peace, love and fun finds.


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