Venus, speaking.

God created man and woman to live together, love each other, create families and live in harmony.

I know all of this.  I know that I love my husband beyond any amount of measure.  I know that he was the one that God chose for me.  I know that he is, without any doubt, my soulmate.  For the most part, he gets me.   He knows what makes me smile.  He knows what I believe in, stand for and cherish.  He knows what size clothes to buy me.  He knows exactly what kind of jewelry I love.  He knows my love for books, cooking and photography.

But… (and there always is one.)

We speak completely different languages.

I’m frustrated.  I’m frustrated with the male gender. 

For all those great things that my husband is and does for me there are just some things that the male sex just doesn’t understand.

* Guys, your wife wants help.  She may say that she’s got it all under control and I’m 100% certain that she does, but deep down inside she’s begging you to volunteer to do the dishes or pick up the random stuff lying around the house.  She wants you to want to help her even if you really don’t want to.

*Fellas, as much as we love being a mother to the beautiful children that you gave us, you already have a mom.  We don’t want to be your mom.  I mean really, who wants to get intimate with their mom…????  G-R-O-S-S!  We want to be your wife, which means partner in life.  Loosely translated, this means: pick up after yourself.

*Your OUR hero, not theirs.  In speaking to another ranchwife and good friend of mine she expressed this valid point.  We need you at home to save our days.  Joe down the road can figure out the solution to his 500th problem all on his own.  While we love that you’re a good neighbor, the guy next door can call on someone else occassionally.  Come save our day.

*Does this make me look fat?  Well, of course not!  A wife wants to be showered with adoration and affection.  No, we don’t want to be smothered and this does NOT mean groping.  Hug us, kiss us (like you did when we dated), tell us we’re beautiful (afterall, you must have deemed us a beauty, you married us), give us a compliment or two or three.  If you want the promise of some good romance you need to swoon over us.  (Without the cheese factor.)

*Finally, and almost most importantly, please, please, please acknowledge us.  Give us credit for the umpteen thousand things we do in a day.  I think I speak for most wives when I say that if you switched places with your lovely bride for one day, doing EVERYTHING exactly as she does it in a timely fashion without complaint or second guessing, you’d be mind boggled.  She does a lot to take care of everyone and she just wants to know every now and again that you know it and and are so thankful for her for it.

Now, I know there are things that we, ladies,are missing the beat on.  We’re a pretty receptive breed. Talk to us, tell us.  We kind of like to do that talking thing, you know.

With all of this said, please know, gentlemen, that we adore you.  Our lives are fuller with you by our sides.  We truly do thank you for the beings that you already are.

Thank you for your time.  Class dismissed.

Peace, love and planetary alignment.


6 thoughts on “Venus, speaking.

  1. Very Good. I don’t know if it will do any good but a good book I read is “Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerich. I’m a man and I found it to be a very good book. Most men won’t read these types of books but I feel that every woman should read this book to try to get the man’s perspective. Again I don’t really know if it’s anything that can help but I found it really usefull. God Bess You. Keep Blogging, Keep Writing.

  2. WOW!! This blog is AMAZINGLY written, you hit a homerun with this one..he he he…you know the saying..”behind every successful rancher is a wife who works in town”? Well the saying SHOULD say, “behind every successful rancher is an supportive, understanding, and remarkable woman!” It truely does take a “special” kind of woman to be a rancher’s wife. Thanks for the smile and the self reassurance I not the only one…:-)

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