Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake

Yes, I said BUTTER cake.

Yes, I said GOOEY Butter cake.

Yes, I even said DOUBLE CHOCOLATE Gooey Butter Cake.

Paula Deen has got it goin’ on!!!  I’m going to say that her love for butter and bacon HAVE to be the reason for her eternal good mood and permanent smile.

I mean just look at her.  She could be Mrs. Clause.  Don’t you think?

Anyway, back to the cake…

photo courtesy of Food Network

She has the ultimate “cake” recipe, although I think they’re more like the most decadent brownie known to man.  The best part is that the recipe is totally versatile!  I’ve made it with pumpkin instead of chocolate for a Thanksgiving treat and was blown away.

I came across the recipe again a few days ago and had everything to make it.  I was just waiting for an appropriate occasion to make them.  As if I need an excuse to make something chocolatey. Not to mention the EASE of this recipe.  I whipped this up in 15 minutes last night.  The hardest part is the 45 minute wait for it to bake. (I’d suggest pouring yourself a glass of wine and checking the DVR for a show you need to catch up on.  But, that’s just me.)

Here’s the link.  You better get your hiney to the store for this one!  You might as well get some ice cream to go with it.

No joke.

Peace, love and goo.


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