Ladies Night

A couple of my girlfriends from work and I decided it was high time that we had a girls’ night.  Two of us had read The Help and the other wanted to read it as soon as she had seen the movie.  So, we made it a date.

We had great drinks…

…great food, and great conversation.

It was exactly what this momma needed.  I don’t get girls’ nights often so when I do, I treasure them.  I savour them like the sweet sangria I got to enjoy.

The movie was fantastic.  I am almost always a much bigger fan of the book versus the movie when it comes to situations like this.  And this one was no exception.

The movie was moving and inspiring and funny and sweet and sad all at the same time.  I found myself wanting to be more like Skeeter Phelan, yet relating to Celia Foote and Elizabeth Lefolt trying to figure out exactly where they fit in an uncomfortable world.  I absolutely treasured Minnie and Aibileen.  I want someone like Minnie in my life, funny, bold, brave, a true Sass Mouth.

While the movie couldn’t completely encompass the entire realm of the book I thought it did a great job of keeping the core meaning in focus.  The book was powerful beyond measure and will always be one of my favorites.  If you’ve seen the movie and LOVED it, but don’t consider yourself a reader, please, please, P-L-E-A-S-E go read the book.  The movie just scratches the surface of the depth of these characters and what really goes on in their lives.  You will laugh out loud, cry, if not sob and rejoice in their endeavor. 

So, my date night was awesome. 

Thanks, girls for making it a fun one! 

And thanks to my great husband for being a great daddy and sending me sweet text messages of my babies sleeping.  THAT made my night whole.

Peace, love and drinks on me.  (Just kidding!)

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