This and That

I LOVE when I get to see these big fluffy thunder heads.

It’s one of those things about the midwest that I treasure.

Believe it or not, you don’t get to see these everywhere in the world.  You certainly don’t get to see them in Utah.  While I LOVED the mountains and beautiful weather of the west my heat PINED for a good thunderstorm.  I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s just something so powerful and soothing about the flash of lightning and booming clap of the thunder.


I love Groupon!  Whoever the man/woman is behind it is a GENIUS!!! 

If you haven’t discovered all the awesomeness of this discount website go check it out.  Join.  It’s free.  You’ll save tons of money! I’ve already gotten three AMAZING Christmas gifts for a FRACTION of the retail price.


Because of that ridiculously great site I was able to get this.

The Vintage Pearl is this really great shop that makes custom hand stamped jewelry at an affordable price.  The worst thing about it…  trying to figure out what you want!

Guys, if you’re at a loss for something special for the woman you adore this is the PERFECT place to get it.  I LOVE my bracelet because I know that no one else on earth has one like it.  It’s unique to me and my heart.


I’ve got supper in the crock pot tonight and if all goes well I’ve have an affordable, simple and scrumptious meal to share with you.

It smells awesome already.



Peace, love and fluffy clouds.


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