Me and Modern Technology

I think I’m fairly “up” on things.  I know what the latest trends are and the newest “must haves”.

But, that doesn’t mean that I have them nor does it mean I know how to use them.

Two years I purchased one of the first Android phones available, the Droid, complete with a touch screen.  I LOVED it!  I was hooked on the cool screen, all the fun apps and the instant access to the internet.

As with most all techie things it reached the end of it’s life about a week ago.  It was dying a slow death of freezing up, spazzing icons, poor reception and slow processing.  It’s final cry of misery was the high pitched screeching sound it made whenever I talked.  I couldn’t take it any longer.  I had fulfilled my contractual obligation, earned a few credits toward a new phone and had told Grady enough times that it was time.  The day had come for the original Droid to be laid to rest.

I did my research online and via friends as to what I should get next.  I loved my Droid, but thought the iPhone might be interesting. My final decision was based on the less than $100 purchase I could make in upgrading to one of the newer Droids.  I was sold.  I ventured to the local wireless dealer down the street and told the worker exactly what I wanted.  I finished my purchase and was on my way.

photo courtesy of Google Images

This new phone was C-O-O-O-O-O-L!  The screen was bigger.  The clarity was unbelieveable.  The reception was 10 times better than before and there wasn’t a traditional keyboard.  It was 100% touch.

I was in love.

That was until I started using the keyboard and discovered a little beauty known as Interpretive Text.

We are not friends, this interpretive text and I.

She “thinks” she knows what I want to say, but she is SOOOO wrong SOOOO many times.

Just the other day I was trying to text to a friend, “Oh sheesh!!!”

You want to know what Miss Interpretive Text decided to send to my friend…”Oh, shareholders!!!!”


…shareholders?  Seriously?

That was NOT the point I was trying to get across.

I have yet to figure out how to turn off little Miss I.T., but until then if you get a strange message from me, please know that I really AM a descent speller.  I know that, “Oh, shareholders!” doesn’t express frustration like “Oh, sheesh!” does.

Miss I.T. and I are about to go to blows.


Peace, love and shareholders…?


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