Hot! Hot! Hot!

I love watching Tucker’s mind grow and expand with worlds of knowledge.  I love knowing that he has a THIRST for knowledge.

We do math problems every morning on the drive to school.  He’s always asking how to spell this and that.  And he his never ending question…

“Why, Mom?”

Some days this overwhelms me and I have to tell him to take a break, but most days I enjoy his questions and quizzes.  I pray that he never loses this insane appetite to know how the world works.

Last night I had one of those moments of overwhelming and profound joy.

Tucker READ to me for the very first time. HE read to ME.  This had never happened before.

He knew every word.

He never hesitated once.


I knew he had been working on sight words, but this surprised me.

My heart is full.

Truly…God bless our teachers.  God bless Mrs. Luder, for teaching 26 kindergarteners in ONE classroom and obviously SUCCEEDING!!!


Peace, love and big words for little guys.


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