I see these beautiful colors every evening on my way home.  I’ve been jonesing to stop to take pictures for about a week now. 

But, life has been busy and things needed attention at home.

It was driving me crazy.  My heart just ached for my camera every evening.

I decided I couldn’t let the opportunity pass.  I had to capture the beauty around me.

Last night, after the kids were picked up, groceries purchased and some sort of sanity regained I decided I would bite the bullet and do it.  I pulled off the road and did what I usually do…

…look like the crazy lady standing in the middle of the road taking pictures of…  what…?

I always wonder what people in our county must be thinking when they drive by me and I’m pointing my camera down the road. 

I was in love with the colors the sun was intensifying on the already gold and amber leaves.

And then….

I turned around and saw this.


It looks like a fairy tale to me.

I wish Fall wasn’t so short. 

I wish these colors would stay with us for much longer.

My ultimate dream….to travel to Maine and capture the beauty and intensity of their fall colors. 


I’ll just keep dreamin’ in gold until then.

Peace, love and riches.


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