Once Upon a….Football Field???

We made the mad dash from daycare to the house last night, scarfed down whatever leftovers we could find for supper and threw on the costumes.  The race is always on because, unlike big city trick-or-treating, it takes 3 hours to visit 8 homes in a small rural community.

Since it was Punkie’s first Halloween I had to get pictures of our sweet little fairy.

She LOVED her fairy wand (also dubbed the Brother Beater).  It was a great diversion from the wings.

Tucker was every bit the tough and rowdy football player.

This was supposed to be his fierce GRRRRRRR face.  Poor, sweet boy just doesn’t have much “fierce” in him. (Thank Heaven!!!!)

And then he kept trying to strike the old school, traditional football picture stance.

Grady and I couldn’t stop giggling.  It was just too cute.

The evening was great.  Lots of hustling and stuffing bodies into the car.  We saw old friends who hadn’t seen the kids in a very long time.  I love being the parent and seeing the smiles on the faces of the homeowners we visit.  I know they truly LOVE this day.  A night full of so much creativity, cuteness and charm with a touch of gore repeatedly showing up on their doorsteps.

Punkie’s coach turned into a pumpkin around 8:00 after house number 6 or 7.  She was done, which, unfortunately, meant that we had to make our way to the grandparents house and call it a night.  So, I have to apologize to anyone who we may have missed last night.  There were a few of our regular stops that had to be foregone.  The fairy was getting fussy.

How was your Halloween?  Was it full of tricks or treats?


Peace, love and fairy dust.


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