Calling All Fashionistas

I have somewhat of a fashion dilemna and I desperately need the opinions of all you fashionistas out there.

I recently purchased this dress to wear to work and a couple of upcoming events.  I think it’s adorable and can be dressed up or down.

Here’s my dilemna.

Do the colors grey and brown go together?  I know a mix of black and brown together is the new thing, but where does grey fall in this trend?

I have a pair of chocolate brown riding style boots that I love.  I pretty much live in them during the cooler months.  I’m really thinking about getting another pair of boots with somewhat of a heel on them.

Something like these.

I just love them.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color.  I’m fairly certain these would go with black, but could I pull them off with the grey dress or should I lean more toward a pair of black boots?

And if they WOULD go with the dress what color tights/leggings would I wear?  Black, taupe/brown, cream…?  I just don’t know.  I’m so confused.

The dress does need to be belted to complete the look.  I have a wide black belt, but should I try a brown belt? 

I need your advice.  Please, please, please give me some guidance.  I’m REALLY trying to turn over a new leaf and be a little trendier and this one has me stumped.  I could be like some gals out there and just wing it and throw some crazy stuff together, but I don’t feel like I’m that brave yet.

Oh, and I’ve even asked the girls at my favorite store and they were stumped as well.  So, any advice/direction would be amazing.



Peace, love and the color wheel.


4 thoughts on “Calling All Fashionistas

  1. I love the brown and gray! And I would a brown belt if you can find one.
    As for tights/leggings, I would go red. But that’s me funky spin on trying to match & giving up and just wearing what makes me feel happy. How can you be sad or even mad with funky red leggings??

  2. I’m no fashionista but I don’t care for brown/grey. I would go with black or a fun color if you are not afraid–which I bet you are not! I would also go with a more feminine heel. You could skip the belt and go with a statement necklace.


    Good luck and I am sure whatever you choose you will pull it off with confidence!

  3. Brown with gray is a softer look. Go with a textured tight (like herringbone) in a similar color to the dress and then jazz it up with jewelry. I’d skip the belt. Cute dress! OMG. All black out fit with caramel boots is an absolute must!

    • I love all the ideas! Thanks! Just for clarification, the dress really does need to be belted. It has an elastic waist that isn’t so flattering alone on my shape. I will definitely be getting a Carmel Belt and scarf.

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