What the….?!?!?!

It was a fun and lively evening in the Gibb house last night.

Grady and his dad packed the smoker full of meat and lovingly babysat it all day.

Were we having a party, you ask? 


These two just completed building the smoker a few weeks ago and were bound and determined to break it in properly.

I think they accomplished it.

There was a lot, to say the least.

And it was delicious.

And now the smoker can rest for a few weeks.

We have enough meat to last a month.

As supper was being eaten more excitement was happening in our living room.

These boys played…

these boys.

I am a K-State fan, but I am a FAITHFUL OSU fan.  That’s where I went to school.  They’re my guys.  It’s my team.  I have to cheer for them.

It was an intense game. 

Very close.

Down to, LITERALLY, the last second of the game.

My boys won and the rest of the Gibb house was heartbroken.  Tears were ACTUALLY shed when we told Tucker that K-State lost.  His momma had already broken his heart once earlier in the night when he discovered who I was cheering for.  Tough lesson for the little guy.

As the excitement of the game settled and the kind of, sore losers in my house made their way to bed things began to wind down.  I snuggled under the covers and made a few late Facebook posts congratulating my team.

I was lying in bed when my bed started jiggling.  Typically, Grady has a habit of rubbing his feet together before he falls asleep which wiggles the bed.  It’s somewhat annoying when you’re trying to nod off.  I was just about to nudge him to stop when I realized he wasn’t even moving.

“Hmmmm…”, I thought. 

Maybe a train was going by, which DOES shake the house on occasion if it’s load is heavy enough.

I dismissed it and started to drift off when my phone alerted me that I had a text message.  It was my girlfriend, Gretchen, who lives in northern Oklahoma.

“WE JUST FELT A FRICKIN EARTHQUAKE!  It was wicked strong.”  These were her exact words.

I quickly put two and two together and thought, maybe I’m nuts, but I wonder if that’s what I just felt.

I messaged her back and told her the same and we conversed back and forth and she said that it’s surely what I felt too.

I hopped on Facebook because everyone knows that you’ll certainly find out the scoop there long before you hear it on the news.

Sure enough! 

A 5.6 earthquake hit in Sparks, Oklahoma.  It was felt as far away as Illinois, Missouri, Texas and of course, Kansas.

Facebook was ON FIRE with the buzz of the tremble. 

We have tornadoes, hail storms, thunderstorms, blizzards and all sorts of strange weather anomalies in Kansas, but I NEVER thought I would ever experience anything like that.

I’m so glad I was awake to feel it, because I certainly wouldn’t have believed.

Poor Grady missed it and thought I was insane when I told him about it this morning.  I turned the news on and told him to check his Facebook page if he didn’t believe me.  When Cade woke up I asked him about to see if he felt it too.  Sure did.  He confirmed my story to his father.

What a wild night.  To think, I vividly experienced this little piece of history.


Peace, love and shake, rattle and roll!!


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