A Case of the Sullivans

Our annual Amarillo journey began yesterday. 

I wish I could say that it started out well.

Poor Tucker had what my family calls, a major case of the Sullivans.  My mom comes from a family of eleven and they haven’t always been known for their “grace”.  Someone was ALWAYS spilling their milk at the supper table or tripping on the sidewalk.  Needless to say, they were an accident prone clan. 

We were not fortunate enough to have these clumsy tendencies skip generations or just die out all together.  I am NOT graceful and neither are my poor children.

We got about an hour down the road and Tucker got car sick.  I don’t think I have to give any details for any of you to know what a MESS it is when your kiddo upchucks in the car.  The only FORTUNATE part of that incident was that we were only a few miles from the McDonald’s service plaza.  We stopped, got him cleaned up, clothes changed and headed back down the road.

The rest of the road trip was pleasant.  Tucker has a new rule that his tummy has to settle for at least half an hour after eating before he gets to read, play games or draw.

We got to the hotel and joined our group that was already here.  Some of the kids were swimming and Tucker was begging to go.  We dug out his swim trunks and let him join the fun while I unpacked our bags and got the room situated for our extended stay.

We got a knock on the door and it was Cindy P. letting us know that Tucker had just fallen face first on the cement by the pool.  They weren’t sure how bad it was.  I raced over there and he was safe in the arms of Adrian. 

At the moment it looked as though he only had busted lip.  He shed some tears, iced his lip and was soon back on the go. 

After supper we came to our room and realized that it wasn’t just his lip that we needed to be concerned with.

We think he may have broken his little nose…

(Big sigh…)

I’m hoping that these incidents, coupled with the windshield incident makes my three…

Peace, love and clutz!!!


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