Ruby Slippers

I have never, in all my life, been happier to return to my warm, cozy, familiar home.  On more than 15 occasions I would have KILLED for Dorothy’s ruby red slippers to click three times transporting me back to the safety of Kansas.

Our misfortunes didn’t end with Tucker’s nasty face plant.  Although we were relieved to find out that he didn’t break his nose, we WERE certain that he had a mild concussion.  His demeanor over the rest of the stay was sluggish, sleepy, moody and odd.  He just wasn’t our normal spunky, fun loving boy.

Ella…oh, poor Ella.  The cough that she’d had turned into a hacking, vomit inducing bark that resulted into she and I missing the Saturday night performance and having multiple wardrobe changes Sunday night. 

Both kids ended up with fevers and chest congestion leaving them pale and sickly for most of the trip.

It was a parenting nightmare.  My patience and faith were certainly tested over those six days.

With all of that said, we DID have some good times.  We shared laughs with great friends, watched some incredible athletes, saw a monkey ride a dog and heard a six-year-old belt out our anthem like no other.

There is always excellent shopping opportunities for the girls AND the guys.

And this AMAZING toy section for the kiddos.  We, literally, let the kids play for at least an hour on the first day.  They never want to leave.

We got to see Ella’s boyfriend, Hank.  Isn’t he the SWEETEST!!!!  He’s such a little charmer.  Her daddy is already worried!  I just LURVE him!!!

We paid tribute to the many men and women of our armed forces.  It’s always touching to see these faces every year.

Grady had two really great rides.  I’m so very proud of him.  He improves with every year and I’m always so impressed with how his hiney can stick to that seat.

I actually have a lot more pictures, but WordPress is being a big pain in my hiney on this post.  I’ll try to share the others later.

I’m looking forward to a completely LAZY and RELAXING weekend.  I hope you do the same.


Peace, love and slothlike movement!!!


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