Prep Work

I have always loved to watch Grady get ready for a bronc ride. 

He’s never nervous.   If he is you’d NEVER know it. 

I would be shaking like a leaf.

He doesn’t get scared. 

I on the other hand would need paper towels in my armpits to absord the pools of sweat I’d be drenched in.

He has this “happy place” that he goes to. 

I’d be hiding in the fetal position in the bathroom.

He’s been doing this since he was a young boy.  He rode bulls from childhood through the first year of our marriage.  He took a few years off and then four years ago became the team’s bronc rider.

To say he’s a natural is an understatement. 

He has a gift, a natural ability. 

In the four years I’ve watched him I’ve only seen him come off the bronc once before the 8 second buzzer sounded.

He’s what you’d call “sticky”.

Peace, love and super glue.


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