Sunday Fun Day

I am reveling in how relaxing our weekend has been.  I even went so far as to sleep in until my kids woke up yesterday.  That’s NOT typical.

Typical is waking up around 5:30 or 6:00 and getting showered, dressed, made up and coffee induced before the kids are out of bed. 

I vowed that this weekend would be devoted to low key activity and getting my kids back in good health.

I think it worked.  Tucker was back to his usual rambunctious silliness by the evening getting completely wound up for the K-State game.

This morning I got up at my usual weekend time.  It felt good.  I slipped into my comfy clothes.

I LOVE these boots.  They were a cheap purchase last year to accomodate my swollen pregnant feet.  They’re perfect for slumming around the house.  To top it off I am completely addicted to wearing comfy skirts and tights. 

I got some quiet time at the computer in the early hours searching through recipes and enjoying a new cookbook that my mom gave me.  It’s full of Christmas/holiday menus and decorating ideas.  The greatest part is that they’re actually PRACTICAL recipes/ideas.  I think I might even be trying out a few.

I even got a Christmas gift project completed and on it’s way here. 

I LOVE the sense of accomplishment!!!

Punkie is definitely on the mend, as well.  She’s up to her usual tricks unloading Mommy’s pantry.  It’s a toss up between the pantry and the pots and pans as to which is more enjoyable for her.

Tucker is still in his PJ’s and played Angry Birds until the battery was dead on my phone.

As much as we miss our church family I opted to keep them home and out of the gray, cold and windy weather today.  I’d sure hate for them to give anyone else their germs seeing as how we’ve managed to share them with the rest of our family. 

Lunch is being finished and naps will promptly follow.

I’m thinking about baked potato soup for supper.  Even more decadent comfort on a lazy, grey day.

This is the PERFECT Sunday. 

Peace, love and fuzzy slippers.

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