Can you relate?

I got home last night and my living room looked like this.

THIS drives me bananas!!!  It makes me want to hyperventilate!

As you can clearly see, it doesn’t bother my children in the slightest.

This is what happens when I “start” folding the laundry and can’t get it completed because a certain 10-month-old likes to UN-fold everything I just folded.  This is what I started on Sunday afternoon, but couldn’t finish because a certain 10-month-old wouldn’t nap.

I don’t know about you, but I am NOT fond disaray.  I don’t like disorder.  I don’t like untidiness. 

I don’t mind a few things strewn here and there.  A couple things out of place doesn’t bother.  And yes…I have that place where things pile up.  I look at if often and get that “sorting twitch”.

I DID manage to get the laundry tackled after that certain 10-month-old finally went to bed, along with her brother and her daddy.  We got the toys picked up and put in their appropriate places. 

I could actually see some bare spots on my floor.

I could breath again.

Is anyone else out there like me?  Does your living room ever look like THAT or should I go bury my head in the sand in shame?

Tonight I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and fold some more clothes.

(And yes, I’m fully aware that I am in desperate need of window treatments.  I’ve had a bolt of fabric in my storage room for two years.  I just might get to that this winter…  LOL!  Who am I kidding?)

Peace, love and laundry HEAPS.


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