It’s Game Time

photo courtesy of Google images

I don’t know about you, but we have three Thanksgiving feasts to attend, which means I’ll be cooking for most of the weekend, starting tonight.

Fortunately, we don’t host any of them so I’m safe there.  My house can continue to have a little dirt on the floor for a few more days.

I’ve committed to eating salad for a few days in advance.  My mind tells me that it will counteract all the turkey, stuffing, ham, mashed potatoes and pie, oh the glorious pie, that will surely try to place themselves on my thighs.

I have some really great recipes to share with you over the week.  One of them is even a Weight Watchers recipe that is TO DIE FOR!!!!  You’d never know it was healthy. 

I’ll try to post as I cook them.

So, what’s your family’s tradition? 

Do you have turkey,ham or beef? 

Stuffing or dressing?  Pie or cake? 

Deviled eggs? 

Funky jell-o salads? (No, I’m not a fan… sorry.)

I love to hear what everyone else’s traditions are.

I hope you have most beautiul, safe and glorious Thanksgiving holiday.

Peace, love and food comas.


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