I found this on Pinterest last week and it spoke volumes to me.

I am thankful today and every day for so very many things.


…the warm sun shining on my face.

…a country kid upbringing.

…3 beautiful children that love each other endlessly.

…little sweet, smiling faces that greet me every morning regardless of my mood.

…a husband whose great physical strength and “toughness” are far outweighed by his tenderness, honesty and love for all of us.

…a FREE country that fights hard for what it believes in and gives us, individually, the rights to do so.

…a job that I love and co-workers that are more like family than friends.

…my parents who raised me to work hard, live honestly and stand up for what I believe in even when no one else will.

…my in-laws who love me like their own and laugh at my silly quirks and jokes.

…my sweet husband who encourages my hobbies and talents.  He gave me my first camera and was adamant that I needed an upgrade last year.  He’s my biggest cheerleader and toughest critic.

…my family for being my taste testers and guinea pigs in the kitchen.

…my dearest friends who know that I’m TERRIBLE at keeping in touch, but are close enough that it doesn’t matter a bit how long it’s been since we’ve talked.  Their hearts make mine full.

…and finally, I am so very thankful for all you who read my posts and COME BACK to read my ramblings, rants and raves.  I have enjoyed sharing my life with you over the last two years.  I get excited when you comment and am thrilled that you “LIKE” me. 


I pray that, today, you may be blessed with the company of good friends and precious family.  I pray that your hearts overflow with joy and happiness and THANKFULNESS.

May you each have warm hearts, full bellies and endless laughter on this day of Thanksgiving.



Peace, love and a GOOD list.


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