Curiosity Killed The Mamma

I love decorating my house for Christmas.

Tucker loves to help and this year Ella got right in the middle of it. For the most part I was able to keep her occupied with a snack or toy.

Tuck was especially excited to help this year because I had to do away with the glass ornaments on the tree and opt for plastic. I decided to surprise my die-hard K-Stater with purple and silver ornaments. He was on cloud nine.

…and I have to admit that even though my heart is orange and black the purple and silver make for a really pretty tree.

This is my favorite corner of the house.

As peaceful as that corner is this little monkey’s curiosity is going to be the death of me….



Peace, love and pretty things.


One thought on “Curiosity Killed The Mamma

  1. Beautiful time of the year for the family. Love seeing Ms. Ella putting ornaments where “she” thinks they need to be placed. ha Again thanks for sharing these special moments with us Lish. Hugs to all !

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