Lots On The Plate

I’m sorry.  I know you were probably thinking I was posting another recipe.

I wish I were.

The truth of the matter is that our month of December is CRAZY busy!!

Grady and I are getting ready to leave the bitterly cold Midwest and head for the sunny dry desert of Las Vegas for a long weekend trip.  A fun business trip for him has turned into a fun getaway for us.  Can you believe that after 8 years together we’ve never gone away on a trip, just the two of us?  I know.  It’s criminal.  I’m really excited to have him all to myself for four days.

Tucker starts wrestling practice tonight.  He’s really apprehensive about it.  I think he’s just being shy and nervous about something new.  I told him he had to try it though.  It’s always good to experience new things and I think he’ll love it.

I’m scrambling to get some big gifts finished in tome for our holiday gatherings.  I LOVE creative gift giving, but this year I’ve run myself to the last second.

Punkie is getting more mischievous by the day.  She’s so close to walking.  She now crawls with one foot and one knee on the ground rather than two knees.  She has also learned that she can feed Jess from her high chair.  (Big sigh.)

So, this is my excuse for sporadic and lame posts.

I promise they’ll be more consistent soon. 

I hope.

Peace, love and frenzy.


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