I am SO exhausted!

I’ve been having blog withdrawals!  I’ve missed you!

Vegas was a BLAST…. once we got there.  We were laid over in Denver for 7 hours.  It was a whirlwind trip.  We met some really great people and made some wonderful friends.

…and there are some REALLY weird folks out in Vegas!  You’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about at the end of this post.  This just COULDN’T stay in Vegas.  Oh, my!!!

Last week was INSANE. 

Christmas program.


Another meeting.

Laundry to catch up on.

Packing for another weekend getaway.

Last minute shopping and elfing.


Christmas celebrations.

Two birthday celebrations.  My dad’s birthday is the 24th and Cade turned the big 1-4 yesterday!!!  I can’t believe it.  He’s actually old enough to get his learners permit.  YIKES!  I don’t know that we’re ready for that yet.  He’s definitely growing up.

There was A LOT packed into the last 10 days.

As much fun as we had I’m really glad to say that our holiday traveling is over.  We can sit back, relax and enjoy the spirit of Christmas and the remaining Christmas celebrations right in our hometown.

(Although, I DO have some last-minute things to finish up.  …but who doesn’t?  Right?)

Here are some pictures from our recent adventures.

We missed the Friday night performance due to our layover, but Saturday night was definitely fun-filled.

Grady told me this was the best picture I got from the whole night.

Jerry was one of the great people in our group that we got to know better while on our layover.  He’s such an amazing guy and we ended up having a funny family connection.

These bartenders entertained us for about 3 hours.  They were AMAZING!  They put Tom Cruise to shame!

Yes, I’m just slightly embarrassed to be sharing this photo, but I HAD to.  Guys like this were EVERYWHERE on the sidewalks.  Grady said I needed to have a photo-op with him so we could prove how NORMAL we are in Kansas.  Isn’t he a beauty?!

We were SO happy to get home to our babies and our “mundane” routine.  Vegas can keep their eccentric folks.

Nana bought this tutu for her for our family party.  She’s such a ham.

Way.  Too.  Much.  Food.

The birthday boy.

My beautiful cousin, Ellie, and her fiance, Levi.  Aren’t they adorable!!!  What I wish you could see is Tucker giving Levi a rash of you know what for wearing a KU hat!!  I think it’ll be an ongoing feud.

It was a wonderful 10 days, but I am SO glad that life is back to normal.  I feel like I can truly enjoy the Christmas Spirit and my family.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas week!

Peace, love and many blessings.


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