The Great Artist

Tucker got a really neat fun bird house kit for Christmas.

(Neat…  I don’t like that word.  It sounds so condescending, don’t you think…?)

He and Grady put it together Sunday afternoon and after much pleading and begging he finally got to paint it Tuesday night.

The entire time he painted he would refer to himself as “the great artist”.

“Mommy, the great artist would like a cup of juice.”

“Mommy, can the great artist have a snack?”

“Mommy, this looks amazing because I’m a great artist…”

He has got to be one of the most considerate kids I know.

KSU for himself and Daddy.

OSU for Mommy and most of my side of the family.

KU for his Papa and Jackie.

He didn’t want to leave anyone out or disappoint anyone.

He was very proud of his masterpiece.

I was too.

Peace, love and happy birds.


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