Last Minute Frazzle

I “think” all of our gifts are purchased.


We’re notorious for last minute shopping. It’s how we roll.

Last night Tucker worked on our goodies for tonight’s celebration with Grady’s dad and family.

Red velvet cupcakes.


Veggies prepped for veggie pizza.


Spread for veggie pizza made and chilling in fridge.


Fortunately, we have a short day at the office so I can come home and finish putting everything together and WRAP presents.

Am I the only one who doesn’t really enjoy wrapping presents? I think it’s my only Ba-Hum-Bug moment of the season. I wish everything could go in a gift bag.

I know, I know. Alisha, that’s a ridiculously trivial thing to not like about Christmas.

I follow a blog that gave an amazing message yesterday. She totally hit the nail on the head. You can go here and see for yourself. It TOTALLY puts it into perspective. I needed a little perspective yesterday as I was worrying about what I was going to prepare for the Christmas meal at my house this year and worrying about how I’d decorate my very mundane table.

The conclusion I came to…

I’m just not going to worry about it. Jesus was celebrated in a stable, not a fancy house with fancy decorations and fancy food.

Perspective, I definitely needed it.

Peace, love and countdowns.


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