Merry Christmas My Friends

Merry Christmas everyone!  It has been a most BLESSED day.  We thoroughly enjoyed Punkie’s first Christmas. 

She even gave Grady and I a wonderful gift of taking her first steps!!!  Only a few, but it’s the effort that counts.  It melted our hearts.

We’ve been so lucky to be able to celebrate with all our families.  We even hosted a gathering at our house today with my parents and grandparents.  Remember that perspective that I needed?  I got it.  My mundane table was beautiful with just the regular things around my house.  I loved it.  I wish I would have remembered to take a picture for you, but I didn’t.  Too many other important things going on, like the wonderful company we shared today.

Last night we we able to go to our church’s Christmas Eve service with all of Grady’s siblings and respective spouses and kids.  It was quite entertaining with all the little ones.

Christmas Eve service is always one of my favorites.

I love our sweet little church.

The story.

The candles.

The carols.

The family and friends.

It always puts me such a great mood.

I pray that your Christmas is/was a beautiful birthday celebration filled with love, laughter and loved ones.

May His light shine brightly upon you.

Peace, love and Christmas cheer.


One thought on “Merry Christmas My Friends

  1. Nice photography. I wonder if you would do a family tree sometime. We were trying to figure out exactly how all those people in the pew were related. We are clueless foreigners (having only been here eight years).

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