Very Vanilla

I feel like I was so very blessed this Christmas.  I got some amazing gifts from some extremely special people.  I’m not the kind of person to list everything I got and who I got it from, because as I’ve said before, I just don’t like that the GIFTS get the most attention.

But…with that said, I did recieve one gift that I just have to share with you.  It’s the one I’m the MOST excited to use!

Two days after Christmas I walked back into my office and sitting on my desk was this.

Homemade vanilla extract!!!!!

I SOOOOO wish I had “Smell-a-blogging.  It smells A-MAZ-ING!

My sweet friend, Michele, who loves to cook as much as I do made this herself.  It’s absolutely divine and I can’t wait to use it.

Can you see the vanilla beans in the bottle?

Isn’t it just lovely?

I can’t believe how simple it is to make.  You just need three ingredients.

1. Really good vodka

2. Even better vanilla beans

3. Time.  Lots of time.  The longer it sits the better it gets.

I think this is definitely going to be on my Christmas gift giveway for next year!

Thanks, Michele!  YOU ROCK!


Peace, love and vanilla beans!


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