NOT what I wanted to blog about

Last night did NOT go as I had anticipated it to go.

I REALLY wanted to write something funny this morning.  I was going to share with you my Ode to Alka Seltzer. 

I was going to tell you how much I LOVE that fizzy concoction.  I was going to tell you how it’s the only thing in the world that helps me breathe and makes my voice sound not quite so funny when I’m dealing this nasty cold that I have.

But… instead I have to tell you about my evening.

I have to tell you about the importance of NOT looking at your kids in the backseat while your driving.

I picked up the kids like any other normal evening.  I had two stops to make, the grocery store for milk and Dollar General for a few other things.  We had successfully made the stop at the store and was headed to Dollar General.  Tucker and I were discussing his day as usual.  Ella was putting in her two cents making sure she was being heard as well.

I was slowing down as I was approaching the street that I would need to turn on.  I think there was a car in front of me turning as well.  I saw it turn and began to turn myself.  Tucker asked me a question and out of natural motherly instinct I turned my head to answer him…as I was turning.  (Yes, major case of DUMB-A** attack!!!!)  I turned my head back around and I saw the car coming at us.  I had turned in front of a car coming straight at me.  I tried to brake, I tried to swerve and I tried to speed up all the same time.  I knew the hit was coming.

Fortunately I wasn’t going more than 10 mph and the kid that hit me wasn’t going more than 40 mph so the impact wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  No was hurt.  Tucker was really shaken up and upset until his Daddy got there.  Ella…that little monkey never shed a tear.  We think she thought it was a good game of bumper cars.

We said many prayers of thanks last night after we finally made it home.  It could have been so much worse and as so many of my friends reminded me, cars are replaceable but family is NOT.  My babies are safe that’s all that matters.

We’re not sure about the state of the Explorer.  We’re praying that it’s fixable.  As much as I would love to have a new car it’s just not in our budget right now.   And…I, kind of, really like my car.

So, the moral of the story is (and there always is one) DO NOT look back at your kids when your driving, especially when your turning across oncoming traffic.  It’s hazardous.  Trust me on this one.

Peace, love and road hazards.


5 thoughts on “NOT what I wanted to blog about

  1. So, so glad that you are all safe and hope “we” all take heed in your message, don’t take your eyes off the road because there isn’t an “honest” person out there that isn’t guilty of doing the same thing and thank the Lord were not injured. Luv you beautiful family and hope your vehicle is o.k. too do understand that situation also Lish.

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