What’s YOUR word?

There’s a whole new idea going around for the new year.

Rather than setting a resolution and trying to stick to it and usually failing by February, some folks are adopting a “word” for the year.

Not just any word.  THE word.  The one word that describes what YOU want to do with your life in the coming year.  It can be any word.  It can be a word of change, a word of hope, a word of peace.  It’s one word that will describe that ” thing” about you that needs attention.  Several other bloggers that I follow have chosen their words.  They seemed very fitting for their individual needs, but I was having a hard time deciding what MY word should be.

Sure there are plenty of areas in my life that could use a word (or two), but I needed that big one.  The important one.

And then it hit me today, as I stewed and worried about what the insurance company is going to do with my car.  My stomach was in knots, my heart was agitated and my head flustered.  I was so filled with fear and worry that I wasn’t allowing God to take care of me.

My word….

Faith in the Lord that He will take care of me and my problems so long as I give them up to him.

Faith in myself and Grady that we can get through any of life’s trials so long as we face them together.

Faith in my family and friends that they will be there for us in times of need.


I seem to forget about it sometimes.  I’m worrier and fixer.  I want the problem resolved NOW and I fail to remember, all to often, that some issues take time to work out.

So in that moment of awful dread this morning I bowed my head and gave my problem to God.  I still have the worry in the pit of my stomach, but I’m confident in my God that He will take care of us and provide for us.  He knows, above all, what is the best solution.

So remind me of my word if you see that I may be worrying too much or fretting.  Remind me that I have a whole world of family and friends who are there to support us when we seem to be sinking.  Remind me of my faith.

Have you chosen a word?

What would yours be?

Peace, love and faith.


2 thoughts on “What’s YOUR word?

  1. I also love this idea and your message is SO powerful Lish. You write so beautifully and you have touched my heart deeply as I read this and now pondering on what word I should choose that would make me a better person, ahhhh so many I know but am going to use Pray. If I am having doubts, feeling low, whatever is troubling me will be lightened by just talking/praying to our Lord. Faith, prayers and love to you and your beautiful family ..

    • Alisha: I love how your topics are so “everyday” that everyone can relate to. I too have picked a word for the year which is perseverance. My favorite verse in the bible is Romans 5:1-5 where it talks about suffering, persevervance, character and hope. As a busy working mother and wife, it’s hard to have Faith and patience but in the end when things turn out the way they are planned it’s a wonderful feeling that there is someone bigger than me/you making sure it does come out right! Keep the Faith Baby!

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