Total Roller Coaster!


What a whirlwind week, and weekend.

The insurance company decided to total my Explorer. (Sniff. Sniff.)  Wednesday afternoon, in the freezing wind and a skirt, tights and boots, I headed to the body shop and emptied my old faithful of all her guts.  It’s amazing what five years worth of junk can accumulate in a car that you “thought” you kept relatively empty.  It was a sad day.

So, this meant that the hunt for a replacement vehicle was on.  I do not like shopping for a vehicle.  I especially, don’t like shopping for a vehicle when it’s not MY idea.  We immediately started searching online for vehicles within a 200 mile radius that would suit our budget and gas mileage needs.  This meant that we would be downsizing on the type of vehicle we were looking for.  As much as I loved my SUV we needed a car that would get better than 19 mpg on a daily basis.  I was burning through a tank of gas every five days in my 40 mile round trip commute every week day.

After, 3 test drives, 3 dealerships and one extremely HORRIFIC experience at one of them we settled on the first car we saw and drove.  It’s a crossover SUV.  It’s smaller than the Explorer, but still enough room for our family.  We couldn’t pass up the deal we were getting on it.  It’s a Chevy Equinox.  It’s kind of funny that this Ford family looked at nothing by Chevy makes in the entire hunt.  I’m still selling myself on it because it is SO different from what I’m used to, but I know it was the smart purchase.

I feel like this whole ordeal held my brain hostage for an entire week.  I told several of my friends that I couldn’t be held accountable for my actions because I truly had my head up my “you know what” for several days trying to deal with this.  It’s just unnerving.


We did get to have some fun Saturday.

Our little Monkey had her first birthday party.  It’s not official yet, but in order to be able to celebrate with her Daddy we had to pick the weekend before.

I ordered a cake from a brand new bakery in our community. MR Sister’s bakery is awesome!  These girls can make one mean cupcake!  And if you’re wondering about the whole cake… just take a look.

I had originally wanted a monkey theme for her party since she came out of the womb nicknamed Punkie Monkey and then was shortened to Miss Monkey.  Of course that theme came about BEFORE the accident and was then put on the back-burner because said accident put a hinderance on travelling to get said monkey themed supplies.  BUT…I had emailed a picture of the monkey theme to the bakery and they did an AMAZING job of matching the monkey to the decorations.  So, she still got her monkey theme.

My favorite was this…

her smash cake.  I asked them to make a jumbo cupcake for her to mess up all by herself.  I LOVED the monkey face on it.  It was precious.

As we sang “Happy Birthday” she didn’t know what to think.  She knew we were all singing for her and she just smiled at everyone is amazement.

And then we let her dive in.

Dainty at first.

And then she DOVE right in!

She’s a frosting girl.  Just like her momma.

She enjoyed opening her gifts.  Thank goodness she had some practice from Christmas so she knew what it was all about.

It was SO fun to watch her.

It was a fun party and we were so happy that our family was there to share it with us.

We ended the crazy day with a quiet get together with a few friends.  Good laughs, good food and great company.  It was the PERFECT way to end an otherwise emotionally draining week.

Sunday rolled around and my house looked as though a F5 tornado ransacked it three times over.  It needed desperate attention and I was more than ready to give it.  Grady took the boys hunting and Miss Monkey and I stayed home and cleaned.

Now, I’m at war with mice, but that’s another post.

Peace, love and good endings.


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