Happy, Happy Birthday, Monkey!!!

Today our baby girl, our Punkie, our little Miss Monkey turns 1!

Where has the last year gone?!?!

It has been one of most fulfilling years of my life.  Her sweet smile and infectious laugh fill my heart with more joy than I can sometimes take.  Her orneriness makes me belly laugh.  Her chubby thighs make me giggle. 

Ella Marie, you are a blessing to our family.  You are beautiful, funny, brave, persistent and above all, so very, very loving. 

Happy birthday, Monkey.  Mommy, Daddy, Cade and Tucker love you more than you’ll ever know!!!

Peace, love and a single candle.


One thought on “Happy, Happy Birthday, Monkey!!!

  1. Happy 1st birthday Ms. Ella. You were born into the most loving and happy family and you have added so much to their lives and happiness. You can read your mom’s posts/picture and see how very special you are to your big brothers, mommy and daddy. Enjoy your day with your wonderful family Ella Marie Gibb !

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