I’m in one of those moods where I really want to write about something interesting, but my brain is at a loss. It’s in a blaaaahhhh state at the moment.

I have the afternoon off, but not for anything fun.

Ella has her one year appointment today, which means shots.  I don’t like shot appointments.  No, I’m not one of those mom’s that freaks out and completely falls apart when her kiddos get shot, but I do hate that awful look in their eyes the second they feel that pain and look at you to make it stop.  It’s pretty gut wrenching, but I put on my game face and do the the soothing.  Fortunately, Grady gets to go today, as well, so he can be the bad guy this time.

We have to make the trip to the bank to finalize the purchase of the car.  That’s never fun.

For anyone wanting to know here’s what the new car looks like.

It looks blue, but it’s actually a really pretty dark teal green, Bermuda Green Metallic, to be exact.

Yes, it’s already dirty.  I drive a lot of gravel.  It’s kind of pointless to constantly wash it.  It was REALLY shiny when I drove it home from the dealership, but was instantly coated in a layers of dust.  It’s a never ending battle.

I’m getting used to the change and starting to like it.  It’s tough to change vehicle styles when you’re used to something so much different.

I’ve dubbed it Ivanhoe for my childhood best friend, Buffy, and a funny facebook conversation that involved some strange auto correcting on my phone.  So, Buffy, this one’s for you!

Grady’s job provides us with beef.  We’re very fortunate for this blessing.  We just filled our deep freezer and will be indulging in some fantastic steaks tonight.  I’m REALLY excited.  I’m trying to decide what kind of potato to fix with them. 

I should completely skip the potato and have a salad instead.  The holidays are still showing on my hips.

I hope that I have something insigtful or at least funny to share with you tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll tell you about my mouse war.  I’m still WINNING!!!!



Peace, love and blah!



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