Banning the Boob Tube

Last night I declared that there would be NO TELEVISION for the evening.

You should have seen the shock.





“You’re kidding me, right?”

Nope.  I wasn’t kidding.  I think my kids fall into this rut of come home, drop the bags, drop the coats, drop the shoes, plop the butt in the chair and turn on the tv.  And there they sit until supper is ready to eat and then they return to their perches until it’s time to shower and head to bed.

Last night things needed to get done, a few simple tasks that needed some help from the kids.  Grady and I both were at the end of the rope when the tasks were by-passed for the tv.  So, I made my declaration.

You would have thought I cut off the electricity to the house and made them sleep out in the cold.

Are we really that dependant on the television for our entertainment? 

I was kind of relieved.  It was peaceful.  I needed it.

I think WWW III will break out if I try the instill this again tonight.

Peace, love and the tv glaze.


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